February 02, 2012

Muffin fund raising for "Cupcakes for Africa"

Monday evening I saw, that some day-care moms were collecting money through www.cupcakesforafrika.dk, which is forwarding the money to the fund raising event called "Danmarks Indsamlingen" here in Denmark, where money is collected for children in Africa. I am not working as a day-care mom, but perhaps you can call work "day-care" for grown-ups ?

As I had a cake tin full of these banana-carrot-walnut muffin in my kitchen I got thinking about, if my work colleagues would like to participate in a muffin fund raising donating money to this "Cupcakes to Afrika". It was actually a bit out of my own comfort zone doing this. It is one thing to share cake/muffin left-overs with work colleague to actual ask them to put money in a cup, before grabbing a muffin for their afternoon coffee/tea. Perhaps I would stand there on my own with a tin full of muffins OR my colleague would not like the taste of the muffin !!!!!

So today I took this small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me inviting my work colleagues to muffin fund raising at an afternoon coffee/tea break. And it turned out to be a perfect 


WIN - I got to unfold my baking creativity trying out new recipes
WIN - I got my colleagues to eat excess calories from my kitchen
WIN - my work colleagues got a home-made muffin for their afternoon coffee/tea
WIN - children in Africa receive money to various help programmes

As a starting donation I had asked for 5 DKK/person coming eating muffin, which one of my colleagues said was a low price for him compared to paying 15 DKK for a muffin at 7-11. 13 work colleagues turned up for the event, where we shared 8 muffins between us and in total 91 DKK was donated, which equals 11,375 DKK/muffin, so we actual got quiet close to the muffin sale price in 7-11 !!!!

I would like to share a big THANK YOU to all my work colleagues, who both supported me on this muffin fund raising as well as providing me with all their positive response to this idea of mine :-)

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  1. Kære Kirsten tak for din støtte til www.cupcakesforafrika.dk vi så godt dit bidrag, og tæmkte hvem det mon var, nu har jeg fundet dig via dinblog, super dejligt at du greb bolden, og støttede Danmarks dagplejer endnu engan tak kh Ann charlott


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