February 19, 2012

Home-made dark muscovado sugar ice cream

I got the task of finishing off the yearly Fish Dinner Evening for Rowers making the dessert !! After a few days in the thinking box I decided to make a dessert symphony of home-made ice cream based on dark muscovado sugar, spice plums in red wine spiced plums in red wine and caramels with liquorice.

I am BIG fan of this ice cream based on dark mucovado sugar, as it has a pleasant taste of liquorice without scaring people. I have found this ice cream recipe using muscovado sugar here: www.dansukker.dk/dk/Opskrifter/Muscovado-is_med_mandler_i_rom.

When I make home-made ice cream, I will make it more or less the same day, as you should eat it in order to avoid the creation of the BIG unpleasant ice crystals. I will maximum make the ice cream 2 days in advance again in order to avoid the BIG ice crystals.
I really dislike these large ice crystals, which you quiet often experience, when you eat home-made ice cream. And people are so prode, that they have made their own ice cream, and I can only focus on these stupid BIG ice crystals !!!! It is probably a work damage of mine.

And another good advice of mine is to make the ice cream mix the evening before, so it can cool down night over in the refrigerator before you freeze in the ice cream machine.
And the final good advice is to eat the ice cream relative soon after the creation, but this should not be a problem with great home-made ice cream :-)

Dark muscovado sugar ice cream: - 6 servings
  • 240 g dairy whipping cream with 38% fat
  • 320 g milk - 0.1-3.5% fat
  • 2 tablespoon glucose syrup
  • 150 g dark muscovado sugar
  • 8 (pasteurised) egg yolk
  1. Whip the muscovado sugar and egg yolks together in a foamy mass.
  2. Add the whipping cream, milk and glucose syrup to a cooking pot.
  3. Heat the cream-milk up to the boiling point, while you keep agitating in the cooking pot.
  4. Remove the cream-milk mass from the heat and whip in the sugar-egg yolk mass.
  5. Cold down this ice cream mix for min 4 hours.
  6. Meanwhile cool down the ice cream machine bowl in the freezer.
  7. Run the ice cream mix on the ice cream machine for 25 minutes.
  8. Place the ice cream in the freezer

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