April 13, 2012

Violet sugar a la Lavender and Lovage

Beautiful violets - before I picked all their petals

Normally I am only enjoying the sight of blooming violets as a statement of spring in it´s own way.

However, in beginning of March month I found this recipe on home-made sweet violet sugar violet sugar on the lovely blog called Lavender and Lovage by Karen.

Where is my "human" ?
So while I was picking violet petals for this violet syrup I also picked some violet petals for this violet sugar. I spend around 1 hour to pick all the violet petals, so at the very end Hannibal the Cat came looking for me, as he could not understand, why I was spending my time away from house and garden AND him.

Picking and using violet petals in my kitchen is fitting perfect into my New Year 2012 resolutions of becoming better in using the seasonal herbs, flowers and fruit, which you freely can collect in Mother Nature.

When people ask me, what are you actual going to use this sugar or this syrup for, I most of the times have no clue about this. For me it is more fun to make these thing, then plan ahead and decided on how to actual use the stuff. However, I will keep you posted on how I am using more this violet sugar as well as the violet syrup.

Violet sugar a la Lavender and Lovage:

  • Violet petals 
  • Sugar
  1. Pick the violet - only using the violet petals. Place the petals in a bowl.
  2. Use a storage glass as container for this sugar.
  3. First fill the bottom of the glass with violet petals.
  4. Afterwards fill sugar on top of the violets.
  5. When again fill violets petals on top of sugar. Continue like until the glass is full or you run out of violets petals.
  6. Close the glass and shake it.
  7. Shake it regular during the coming 7 days.
  8. After 7 days you can remove the violets and use the sugar. Or you maintain the violet petals in the sugar, as they are quiet decorative.


  1. The violet sugar is GREAT in cakes and bakes, just about 50g in place of normal sugar! BTW, I LOVE your cat in the tree! THANKS so much for trying out my floral recipes: maybe you can use them in the latest Tea Time Treats this month which is Flowers! http://www.lavenderandlovage.com/2012/04/new-tea-time-treats-for-may-get-floral-in-the-kitchen-with-floral-flavours-flowers.html

    1. Dear Karen,

      this violet sugar was so easy to make, when you first had collected the small thiny violet petals.

      I will come with some FLOWER POWER for the table, which you are hosting this month.

      And yes, Hannibal the Cat is quiet photogenic :-) Perhaps he should become full-time cat model ?

      Many greetings Kirsten


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