February 03, 2013

Fish Dinner Evening 2013

Yesterday evening the annual Fish Dinner Evening for rowers took place. This year we all meet up in my kitchen living room. All are participating in one way or another either by bringing a fish dish or by bringing some bottles of white wine.

We have no idea how the actual menu will look like before we actually meet up, as the only coordination is, if you will bring a fish dish, dessert or wine. And as usual we all decided to have a similar event in one year´s time in 2014.

As starter we got soup made on tomato, cream, garlic, peach and with scrimps being the fishy part of this dish. Uuuhmm, perhaps I should make and share this specific soup with you at later stage ?

The second dish did also contain scrimps, this time in form of a pie made from filo dough. And the flavouring giving part of the filling was spinach and scrimps.

The third dish was a cream leak layer topped with fried fennel, green asparagus and fried scallops. Great taste combination :-)

The forth and final fish dish was cod prepared in the oven on a layer carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and leak, which was cooked in a sauce made from white wine. So plenty of colours for your eyes.

As the final finishing touch I served a dessert symphony of home-made liquorice ice creamplums in portroasted liquorice almonds and finally a cookie from Läckerli Huus. As the liquid part the guests decided to chose a glass of blackberry rum.

Besides from that all the guests were bringing the majority of the food and wine I also got some lovely hostess gifts in form a primrose, a liqueur with spices, liquorice almonds from Summerbird (uuhhmm), candles and soup. A big thank you to my guests for the lovely gifts.

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