February 08, 2013

Food shopping in England

Two weeks ago I was on a quick trip in England together with my mother. It was actually a part of my Christmas present to her. We started the tour Tuesday in Esbjerg, where we boarded the boat. The boat sailed off at 18.45 on it´s journey across the North Sea to Harwich, where we arrived at 12.00 Wednesday. Here we were transported by bus to Colchester, where we had 3 hours for our power shopping. The boat sailed off again 17.45 from Harwich and we were back in Esbjerg Thursday at 13.00.

I had my little shopping trolley with me, so I did not have to carry all the various shopping getting longer and longer arms.

I brought the following things:

  • a bottle of sloe gin - I have an ambition about making my version home-made version of sloe gin.
  • a bottle of cranberry gin - as the colour very appealing.
  • a bottle of ginger wine - here I have no idea how to use this wine, perhaps you could share some suggestions with me
  • a bottle of elderflower liqueur - in order to get inspiration for the next elderflower season here in Denmark
  • a tin of shortbread, where each shortbread is having a weight of 100 g each and I have a thing with tins for my kitchen
  • hand soap and hand lotion by Molton Brown


  1. Ginger wine is the sort of drink to cheer you up on a cold, grey day. But apart from that, a little ginger wine is good in cakes, especially fruit cakes. You can also add it to casseroles - especially with beef or venison - it adds a lovely hint of spice and warmth. Good luck with making sloe gin - it's very easy and well worth trying.

    1. Thank you Phil for sharing those suggestions with me :-)

      Many kitchen greetings Kiki


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