September 04, 2020

Rose gin tonic


I brought a new bottle of gin, not because that I did not have more gin in my house, but because I found a rose flavoured gin in form of Rose Expression Silent Pool.

My friends in Horsens will start to shake, when they read this, as I very easy get carried away, when it comes to the use of flower flavourings. This Lavender meringue is still bringing "night mare thoughts".

I find the flavour profile of this rose gin tonic to be nice and not dominating in any ways. If I have had some dried rose petals, I would have added these as well as a decorating item. 
Some years ago I used Fentiman's rose lemonade to make these rose lemonade scones.

Rose gin tomic: - 1 cocktail
  • 6 cl Rose Expression Silent Pool gin
  • 18-24 cl Fentiman's rose lemonade
  • ice cubes
  • dried rose petals - optional
  1. Add the ice cubes into the high ball glass.
  2. Pour in the gin.
  3. Fill up with rose lemonade.
  4. Cheers :-)

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