September 27, 2020

Fanø shopping

One and half week ago my mother & I went on a day trip to the island of Fanø, as we could get a very discounted ferry ticket for one car including passengers for 50 DKK (6.6 €). The ferry normally cost between 199-385 DKK for a return trip, which lasts 12 minutes.

Our trip was a mixture of shopping and looking around the many small shops located in Nordby, lunch eating in Sønderho followed by a trip to the small art museum. 

On this trip I did not buy any clothes or yarn. Instead of I found two garden pots, one for a wind witch and the other one full of various "house onions". And the other thing, which I brought home as a another basket for the various knitting yarn purchased during this Summer from the same producer of this knit basket brought this Winter to the area of Limfjorden


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