March 27, 2011

New life in the kitchen garden

I spend some time in my garden this afternoon enjoying the sunshine, while I was doing this year very first work in my little garden. I was cutting down the perennials, as garden waste will be collected tomorrow.

Hannibal the Cat decided to join in the garden work in his very own way, mainly sniffing to the different spring flowers :-)

At the same time I took good look at, how my rhubarbs are doing after the winter. They are just starting to pop their heads above the ground. I am big fan of using rhubarb in my kitchen :-)) And I have little collection of various rhubarb, which I have got from work colleagues and family.
The first herb in form of chives has also started to grow again after winter. I have to remember to start watering my herb pots, as it quiet dry right now. Now I have to see, which of the herbs, who have survived the very cold winter.

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  1. Jeg skal da lige love for at Hannibal nyder livet - katte forstå det altså :-)

    Mange hilsner


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