December 08, 2013

Christmas Calendar 2013 Day 8 - Marzipan "potatoes"

This type of Christmas candy I remember back from my childhood. It is something, which is very, very easy to make even for children. And it does not involve any electrical things or something warm, which you can burn yourself on. So I assume you say SAFETY FIRST, if you make this candy at home. The only thing could perhaps be dusting from handling the cocoa powder.

In order to be a little daring, I decided to spice up the cocoa powder with addition of cinnamon. Cinnamon is is a NEW dangerous food stuff here in Denmark due to this content of coumarin, which can cause liver damages. But again here I am playing safe using the real cinnamon from Ceylon, which has a lower content of coumarin compared to dangerous cassia cinnamon.

Well, why is the Christmas candy called marzipan "potatoes" ? Well the marzipan balls resemble a potato with it´s brownish surface and whitish inner core. The good thing, that you do not need to neither peel nor wash this "potato" in order to eat and enjoy it.

Marzipan "potatoes":

  • 100 g marzipan
  • 10 g cocoa powder
  • ½ teaspoon real cinnamon - optional - leave it out to even more safe !!!
  1. Divide the marzipan into small lumps, which you roll by hand into ball shape.
  2. Mix cocoa powder and cinnamon together in deep dish.
  3. Add the marzipan balls to the powder mix, roll them around until they are completely covered by the cocoa powder mix. I use a teaspoon for this part of the process, so I do not end with cocoa everywhere.
  4. Place the cocoa coated marzipan ball in an air tight storage container.

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