December 29, 2012

Christmas lunch 2012 with "The Fantastic Women"

The yearly Christmas lunch for "The Fantastic Women" took place this afternoon. As the menu as usual was the "traditional" cheese tapas from Osteriet Vejle, which is a very nice alternative to the traditional Danish Christmas lunch combined with being very, very easy to serve, as you only have to remove the cling film for the serving dish in order to serve the lunch.

As a great start to this yearly Christmas lunch I decided to start off with a champagne cocktail called "Pretty Woman" as an excellent tribute to my amazing girl friends. Afterwards we spend a wonderful afternoon in each other company eating, drinking. laughing, talking, talking and yet some more talking.

As the "sweet sentence" we could pick a little bite from the this cake stand with:

Bottom layer: Italian style panforteEstonian ginger bread cookies   &
Middle layer: - Butter cookies with lemonButter cookies with cocoa and orange & German Lebkuchen
Top layer: Marzipan role with alcoholic fruit, French Croissant à la vanille & German Christstollen

My fantastic girl friends brought me some very nice hostess gifts in form of  chocolate, a new Tupperware "plastic thing" from my cousin, pear jam and some great home-made Christmas candy/confect.

As usual all these amazing girl friends are invited again for Christmas lunch next year in 2013 :-) As final comment to our fifth great friend from Odense; you have no excuse for not turning up in 2013, this year you are excused due to your around the world trip, but you can NOT use this excuse next time !!!!

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