April 15, 2014

Lunch at Le Sommelier, CPH

This picture of the burger being served at Sommelier located in Copenhagen Airport is not very colourful, however the taste is excellent.

I normally eat my lunch here, when I am having the time for that in the airport, as you can sit a little away from the busy walking areas and relax on your own.

I really like, that you are being asked how much the meat part of this burger should be cooked such as medium or well done. The burger bun is not enormous, so you have the felling you are eating more bread than beef. And the fries are worth killing for, as they has the right texture without any raw centre and a good tasty level of salt. The burger is served with tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and green pickled chilies.

This burger has an estimated serving time of 15 minutes

I paid 313 DKK for one burger, a glass of white wine, a small soft drink and a cup of black tea. I will give this meal 4 stars.

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