December 04, 2016

Christmas Calendar 2016 - brown cake liqueur

I found this recipe on brown cake liqueur in the local newspaper and knew at once, that I wanted to make a portion of this liqueur for the coming Christmas guests, as this liqueur/aquavit  is recommend served together with coffee and/or tea. So it is used very different compared to the most more traditional Christmas aquavit, which is served at the Christmas lunches.

Brown cake liqueur:

  • 10 big or 15 small brown cakes
  • 500 ml basic aquavit or plain vodka
  1. Place the brown cakes in the aquavit
  2. Let the brown cake infuse the aquavit for 1 week.
  3. Pass the aquavit through a sieve, afterwards pass it through a coffee filter twice.
  4. Pour the brown cake liqueur into a storage glass.
  5. Serve as liqueur together with coffee or tea.

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