December 28, 2016

Christmas lunch 2016 for "The Wonderful Women" 2016

The annual Christmas lunch for "The Wonderful Women" took place this afternoon for a bigger group this year - GREAT :-)

This time we went for our usual tapas selection from Osteriet with company in form of two home-made breads: saffron bread with Nigella seeds and durum bread with beer and walnuts.

As tradition demands we started the Christmas lunch with a bobbling Christmas glögg cocktail.

The dessert part of this Christmas lunch was a selection of sweets:
The tradition also describes, that we have to play the gift play (pakkeleg in Danish) using a specific card game, so not dices as normal. All participants bring between 2-8 gifts, and in the card game you either end up with most of the gifts or not gifts at all. As the gifts can be everything between soap, paperbacks, ugly Christmas decorations or left over Christmas food, it is not good to get all the gifts !

As usual we spend some great hours in good company getting up to date with each others lifes :-)


  1. Tusind tak for en dejlig eftermiddag hos dig med skøn mad, konfekt og ikke mindste dejligt selskab. Konfekten smagte lige så godt som ventet - og skulle der stadig være rester vil nogle sikkert sætte pris på dem nytårs aften :-)

    1. Selv tak for dejligt selskab og endnu en omgang pakkeleg for viderekommende. Mon ikke Lars får en værtsgave til nytår ?


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