December 19, 2016

Christmas coffee for fantastic women of Vejle 2016

It this time of the year, when it is time again to invite some fantastic women for the annual glögg evening, which also usual are keen to taste some of my many Christmas creations.

And as usual we had an evening, where my kitchen living area was full of good talks and great laugther, while the fantastic women did their best to eat me of my kitchen !!!!

The liquid part of the "menu" this time not the usual warm glögg, but instead of a Christmas glögg cocktail served together with the usual coffee and Christman tea with a small glass of brown cake liqueur, which will assist the local "helping mouths" in enjoying the following "creations" from the Christmas Calender 2016:

Besides from helping me with eating plenty of Christmas calories, I also got some lovely hostess gifts, thank you so much for these great gifts :-)
And yes, ladies of Vejle you will be invited again for gløgg evening in 2017 :-)

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