October 31, 2011

Airport "food shopping"

Home again after a business trip to Shanghai, where I spend last week having internal company meeting. It was a week, where we left the hotel 7.30 in the morning and returned again between 21.00-22.00 in the evening after the evening meal.

So the majority of my "food shopping" took place in Helsinki Airport, where I changed flight on my way to and from Shanghai.

I used the opportunity to buy some tax-free gin. As I could not find my favourite gin (Tanqueray no 10), I decided to try a new gin in form of Hendrick´s Gin. This gin is described as a gin with the traditional botanical such as juniper, coriander and citrus peel. However, it also contain "unexpected" infusion of cucumber and rose petals. I am really looking to taste this "new" gin for me.

I also fillled my backpack up with one of my favourite chocolate, which is Fazer Salmiakki, which is Finnish milk chocolate with salmiac filling.

I also found room in my suitcase for a Chinese rose tea, which should consist of 100% rose petals.

So this time my fascination of flower food resulted in gin and tea !!!! It is going to be interesting to try both of these products.

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