September 10, 2017

Cake regatta at the rowing club

Yesterday afternoon it was time again for the annual cake regatta at the rowing club. The winner of the previous year´s cake regatta select the time as well as theme for the year´s cake year. And the theme for this year was hindbærsnitter (raspberry cuttings).

We were a small selected group of three persons, who joined this year´s cake regatta. We started by rowing a tour of 15 km on the Fjord of Vejle, which yesterday as unusual silent/still. After the return to the club is was time for some serious cake tasting. We were tasting the cake blinded by tea towels followed by voting on the preferred cake by taste only. After we had given out vote we would allowed at actually see the various cakes visually.

My hindbærsnitter (raspberry cuttings) got the majority of the votes, so I can now call myself the 2017 champion baker of Vejle Rowing Club. On top of this I got a trophy in form of sleeve protectors and the responsibility of arranging the cake regatta in 2018 and selecting the cake theme. I will share the winning recipe with you in the near future.

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