November 30, 2017

Christmas Afternoon Tea at Denman College Women Institute

Last Summer I spend some of my vacation at an afternoon tea course, so when I saw I could participate in a course covering Christmas Afternoon Teas Women Institute at Denman, I knew, that wanted to go for this course as well.

Part of the Women Institue is a Georgian mansion, which is located in 17 acres of ground, which leaves you with the feeling, that women dressed in long (white) dresses with come along any minute from an Austen novel.
As usual the atmosphere at the Denman College was fantastic :-) All I meet of the other participants were very open and very friendly, they really wanted to meet new people. Upon arrival I went directly to the bar area after dropping my suitcase in my room, so I could meet all the participants over a cup of tea followed by a glass or two of wine. During the various meals you could easily sit at different tables talking and meeting mew people.

The course price includes staying in a room, all meals, tea breaks, tuition and final all the baked goods, which you bake during the stay. So I do not find it to be a very expensive course.
The other participants felt sorry for me, as I could not bring a lot of the baked goodies, as I also needed room for my shopping spree in London. I managed to bring back the Stollen, scones with cranberries & orange, roasted pecan nuts and chestnut puree.

The tutor was Katie Churhard, who was as usual very good at explaining the recipes and difficult step beforehand our own baking attempt combined with a nice way of getting around the various work stations during our cooking giving an extra hand and explaining. 

Below you can see all my photos taken during the course. I will later share these recipes with you and as well my own modifications to the recipes.

Mont Blanc Tarts

Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Gravlax and spiced beetroot on rye bread
Mushroon and blue cheese on sour dough
Seared duck breast with plums on white bread

November 29, 2017

Shopping in London

I have just returned from a small vacation to the UK, whicj was a combination of another course at the Women Institute at Denman College with focus on Christmas Afternoon Tea.

Besides from the baking course I also spend a short time in London looking, shopping and enjoying some afternoon tea.

As usual I went over with a big suitcase with plenty of room for both my baked goods as well as some shopping. Luckily my flight ticket had a baggage allowance of 23 kg, which I managed to use expected for 500 g !!!

I brought a Fever Tree cocktail book, Dureé Afternoon Tea recipe book, various magazines, gin, cashmere sweater and some tea (no Christmas teas). I even found an English Christmas calendar, which contains 25 small gifts :-)

November 22, 2017

Ceramic bowl for olives

I think, that one of my friends knows me to well !!!

Instead of sending a post card she gave this ceramic bowl for olives in green :-)

November 19, 2017

Tea shopping etc in Finland

Frequent readers of my blog know, that I spend a great time, when ever I travel to Finland on business trips. My suitcase is always quiet empty on the way up to Finland, but on it's return flight back home it is full almost about to burst.

Late October I was in Finland again shopping Fazer chocolate & chewing gum (with xylitol inside for your teeth health), Marimekko cloth, bed linen, napkins and towels. I also located various tea such as:

  • Nipperi - Suominieito: black tea wih dried raspberries, Finnish dried blueberrier and lingonberrier, rose petals and pink heath flower
  • johan & nyström - Piparkakku: black tea, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, ginger, cocoa peel, orange peel, masala spice and cardamon
  • Kusmi - Earl Grey Intense: black tea with bergamot and lemon

Goodie suitcase


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