August 16, 2021

Delayed birthday coffee

Due to the corona situation I have been delaying inviting guests around for my typical birthday coffee for the last 1-1½ year. As most of my friends have now been vaccinated against corona, I found the time was right to invite guests for two delayed birthday celebrations, so I invited guests for celebration of my 105 years birthday (I turned 52 years last, and 53 years this year = a total of 105 years).

As the weather was excellent we could sit outside drinking sparkling time, apple juice, coffee and tea together with various buns & cakes. 

As usual I had baked these saffron buns, which for me is a great birthday bun due to the rich flavour of saffron and high amount of butter in the dough. 

After the buns I served a partly home-made cream cake (lagkage) using ready-to-use cake buns and cake cream. On the first layer of cream I top with sliced banana, on the second layer of cream I added fresh blueberries and on the top of the whipped cream covering the cake I used fresh raspberries for decoration. You typical say, that the cream cake taste better the day after, so therefore I made the cream cake the evening before serving it.

From a local baker I had brought a big strawberry cake for 15-20 persons, so therefore my guests had no room in the stomach for eating this coffee-chocolate cake, so therefore my colleagues enjoyed this cake the day after my birthday coffee.

It was great again to have guests around for a good talk :-)


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