Gin in my bar

Gin in my collection:
  • Chase oak ages sloe & mulberry gin (brought in Billund Airport). Britain's first and only farm to bottle sloe gin, made from own wild hedgerow slow berries and hard to find mulberries. All rested in BG gin and aged in Rhone Valley wine casks. 23.7 €/ 50 cl
  • Silent Pool Distillers 9 Lives blackberry gin liqueur with a hint of pear (brought in Manchester Airport)
  • Organic elder flower gin by "Nordic by Nature", 13€/ 50 cl
  • Rose Expression by Silent Pool, 52.25 €/ 70 cl

Gin - enjoyed:
  • Botanic - London dry gin
  • Bombay Shapphire - Star of Bombay - an extraordinarily refined gin crated in single batches with bergamot and ambrette seeds in harmony with Bombay signature botanicals
  • Bombay Sapphire East - with additional Thai lemongrass & Vietnamese black peppercorns
  • Malfy gin rosa gin - Sicilian pink grapefruit gin
  • Larios Rose - delicate result of four distillations and blending of juniper with citrus fruit and the intense aroma of the strawberries of the Mediterranean - 13 €/ 70 cl
  • Larios 12 infused with 12 carefully chosen botenicals in 5 separate destillations (orange, mandarin, coriander, tangerine, lemon, angelica root, lime, orange bloom,grapefruit, nutmeg, juniper & clementine) - 14 € / 70 cl
  • Helsinki Dry Gin - 47% by The Helsinki Distilling Company - ***
  • Tanqueray Rangur with rare Rangpur limes -  *****

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