May 28, 2022

Birthday coffee 2022

For the first time in 2 years I could invite guests for a birthday coffee on my actual birthday. This was really great and fantastic to have a house full of guests again after corona. 

A classic Danish birthday coffee contains three key ingredients: freshly baked bun served with plenty of butter, cream cake and hot chocolate. Hot chocolate or drinking chocolate has no space inside my kitchen, as I DISLIKE the taste of hot chocolate and cocoa milk !!! I still recall my dislike, when I as a child was served hot chocolate at the other children´s birthday :-(

So instead of hot chocolate my guests could choose to kick of the evening with either a glass of sparkling wine or a glass of Frozen Rose or both. The Frozen Rose got a lot of fans this evening. And as usual this gets the talk running, before we sat down at the table.

And as usual we start of the eating part with saffron buns saffron buns, which I always make for my birthday. For me saffron buns really equal birthday celebration for me, as the use of saffron in huge amount is a great way to celebrate life/birthdays.

Afterwards it was time for the first cake in form of a cream cake with a filling of rhubarb compote, pickled rhubarb on the top and the cream filling being a mixture of whipped dairy cream, cream fraiche 38% fat, icing sugar and vanilla corns. 

The second cake was another rhubarb cake, this time with marzipan, which is another great combination. 

I will be sharing the various recipe from this birthday coffee in the near future.

I received some very nice birthday gift in form of different yarn, books, china tea cup, cake book, knitting project bag and some great looking flowers. Thank you very much to my friends and mother for some great gifts and your excellent company :-)

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