November 11, 2019

Knit poncho - part 1

At the knitting festival in Horsens this October  I brought some yarn for knit poncho, where the main colour is green (big surprise !)

And I have already been knitting the lower part of of the front side for this poncho so now I am busy knitting the backside of the poncho, before I merge these two side into one.

November 10, 2019

Mortens aften - type of food to enjoy

Today it is Mortens aften, which typical is celebrated in Denmark by eating fried duck served with plain as well as brown potatoes, pickled red cabbage and brown sauce. For dessert we will typical enjoy the very Danish dessert ris a la mande (rice porridge) served together with warm cherry sauce. The food is more or less the food, which we will eat as well on Christmas Eve, so the evening could be considered as trial run on cooking the food to be served for Christmas.

As inspiration for food to enjoy on this evening I would like to the following recipes with you. Another way to the enjoy the duck part could be this:

And to be served together with duck you could serve this

all currant jelly

The jelly can also be used for adding some character to the brown gravy. 

And for the rice dessert (ris a la mande) the cherry sauce could be this version:


November 02, 2019

Knit poncho

At the knitting festival in Horsens this October you could besides from participation in various work shops (Neverkont & double knitting) naturally buy yarn from a huge selection of various yarn shops.

I found this yarn in form of wool silk from Hjertegarn made from 75% organic lambswool and 25% silk, which is turn into a poncho in the main colour of darker green and various strips in two different colours of lighter green and medium blue.

Let's see, when the poncho will be ready, sometime during this Winter or first for Spring 2020 ?

October 31, 2019

Neverkont knit sample


At the knitting festival in Horsens this October I participate in two knitting work shop together  with an old friend from high school. The first work shop was a knitting technic called Neverkont,
which is knitting small squares, which afterwards will look like braided knit. Here you knit forward and backwards on smaller sections adding as well as reducing the amount of knit masks. And this knitting style gives smaller squares in a pattern.

At the knitting work shops I was testing out this technic in cotton yarn. However, I decided to try out this new technic again at myself using some thicker yarn. And above you can a photo of this knit test in full scale. I do not imaging, that I will ever knit a sweater using this technic, but perhaps a sofa cushion could be a option.

If you use yarn in different colours, as I have been doing the important thing is to use yarn with similar thickness. I did not do that for the finished knit test, so the squares are not equal in size, which pull the knit in different direction.

October 29, 2019

Finished Mosegenser

My Mosegenser sweater knit in silk mohair yarn (made form 60% mohair, 15% wool and 25% silk) from Sandnes Garn is now finished in time for the cold weather, which is now here in Denmark.

Once again a huge thank you to my rowing friends for their great birthday gift to me :-)

So, it is time for me to start knitting using some of the yarn, which I brought at the knitting festival in Horsens  beginning of this month.

October 27, 2019

Shopping of cake ingredients for Christmas baking in Germany

Saturday last week-end I was on a day trip to Germany together with mother to Neumünster. Besides from the tour to the shopping outlet in Neumünster we also went to the town center to have something to eat as well as doing some grocery shopping. For my part the shopping in the supermarket (Rewe) was to fill up on some spices for my upcoming Christmas baking.

So now I am ready to bake both Speculoos like these speculoos cookies as well as my favourite German Christmas cake Stollen such as these stollen bites,  stollen with fromage fraisstollen with marzipan and cranberries and Christstollen.

Before I get baking I can meanwhile enjoy these all ready prepared stollens, which I also found in the supermarket.

October 26, 2019

Mosegenser part 3

I am very close to be finish with knitting on my Mosegenser, so very soon I can start to wear this sweater and keep warm in the approaching cold weather. This is great :-)


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