Why this blog ?

I started this blog November 13 2010 as a way of relaxing my head and mind from a overloaded mind from work. All my thoughts kept moving around in circles relating to work, work and yet some more work issues. To break this chain of thoughts I consider either to start singing gospel or to create my own blog. And I can not sing, so in order to save various gospel choirs from my voice, I went for the second choice as I cook and bake better, when I sing.

I found the film "Julie & Julia", which I saw back in 2009, as a hugh inspiration. So to get started I decided, that I could use my very own blog as a way to work through the baking book "Hjemmebagt - Korn, mel og bagværk fra Skærtoft Mølle" by Hanne Risgaard. Since participating in a baking course at Skærtoft Mølle back in February 2009 I have using the same recipe on walnut buns again, again and yet one more time again. It is a very good recipe, but I decided to expand my portofolio of good recipes. So with this blog I will slowly bake my way through this baking book, which is such a pleasure to read and look at.
Link to the baking book "Hjemmebagt"

As a starting point I decided to write this blog in English as I would like to share my experiences with as many as possible. Due to my work I use English so much more for written communication than my mother language Danish.

In February 2011 I took another big step into the blogging world, as I had this blog added to two Danish blog overviews, which is Madbevægelsen and Madblogs. This small step really gave a big boots in the amount of vistors to my kitchen. Also a former work colleague is linking to my blog from hers: http://www.hannesblog.dk/. Another small step taken in March 2011 was, I added to the blog list of the garden blog of Claus Dalby.

It is always with big interest, that I look at the world map, where the visitors into my kitchen are coming from. And I am also curious, which posts are being read by you.

Looking at different food blog (both Danish and international) have also provided me with lots of inspiration and many great ideas for how I can develop my own blog. I have this motto at work: Using one idea of another person is stealing, using two or more ideas from others are inspiration. I am big believer in getting inspiration :-))


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