November 19, 2017

Tea shopping etc in Finland

Frequent readers of my blog know, that I spend a great time, when ever I travel to Finland on business trips. My suitcase is always quiet empty on the way up to Finland, but on it's return flight back home it is full almost about to burst.

Late October I was in Finland again shopping Fazer chocolate & chewing gum (with xylitol inside for your teeth health), Marimekko cloth, bed linen, napkins and towels. I also located various tea such as:

  • Nipperi - Suominieito: black tea wih dried raspberries, Finnish dried blueberrier and lingonberrier, rose petals and pink heath flower
  • johan & nyström - Piparkakku: black tea, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, ginger, cocoa peel, orange peel, masala spice and cardamon
  • Kusmi - Earl Grey Intense: black tea with bergamot and lemon

Goodie suitcase

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