May 20, 2018

Whit market at Trapholt 2018

The annual White market (Pinsemarked 2018) at Trapholt started today and will also be there tomorrow White Monday.

The annual Christmas Fair at Trapholt has become a must-do-thing for me. However, I am less frequent at the Whit Markets, as I more often is rowing during the Whit. This year I took the time to for the market, as you can always find some great craft designers of very high quality at the Trapholt markets.

As usual my advise to you is to arrive from the very beginng, as this means you can get parking spots more or less next door to the museum. Besides from getting a good parking spot, you can also get a good look around the various arts and craft booths, before the fair area becomes over-crowed.

So what could I "not live without" this time ? The small green ceramic vases made by Louise Maagaard, which I previously have been buying ceramic by.

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