April 03, 2011

Afternoon tea at Simply Tea in Århus

Spend Friday afternoon enjoying Afternoon tea at Simply Tea in Århus http://www.simplytea.dk/ together with two good friends. This was a perfect start to the week-end :-))

We started with a pot of Earl Grey, which we had for the sandwiches and quiche Lorraine (with tomatoes !!!). We were served the tea, before we received the food, which I found a bit unusual !!!
The sandwiches and quiche Lorraine was very tasteful and good.

As we moved on to the scones, we also need a new pot of tea. Here we decided to try a green tea called "Les fleurs de Paris" with three different flowers inside, corn flower, rose and the third flower being unknown. The scones were perfect.

The space in the stomach started to fill up, but we still have the cakes and cookies to eat. In my opinion both the cupcake and the fruit cake were to the dry side. And the basement part of the cupcake was too plain in taste for me.

The cookies were baked with Earl Grey tea leafs inside. Quiet interesting, so I will try to do this in kitchen as well. Perhaps I will let the cookie dough rest the night over in order to have a more dominating tea flavour in the cookie.

The tea was perfect like the company of my friends. And I went home with a small bag of green tea "Les fleurs de Paris" for my very own tea pot, as I am big fan of flower tea and food.

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  1. wow, hvor ser det godt ud! det skal jeg huske næste gang jeg kommer til Århus :-)

    Mange hilsner


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