April 02, 2011

New start for the market in Vejle

Unbelievable, that a town like Vejle (5th or 6th biggest shopping town in Denmark) does not have a weekly market with stalls selling cheese, fish, meat, vegetables and flowers !!!!

However, this Saturday, the square in front of Sct. Nicolai, was hosting a new upstart for the market. It will have a trial period of three months. Lets hope it will turn into a success :-)) as it bringing some extra dimension into the shopping part of the town center.

I spend some smelling to various fresh herbs in pots and planning, what herbs I will be filling into my garden pots this spring and summer. I love to run my fingers through various herbs and smell to them afterwards.

On this my first shopping tour this year using my bike, I noticed yet again two things, which make me think about the environment and role models.

When you have been buying something in a shop, the shop assistant or shop owner, also wants to put this something into a small plastic bag. Most times I say "NO thank you", as I have no need for all those small plastic bags. I mean, I easily come home with 5-10 small plastic bags, which I afterwards have to get ride off. I always bring my shopping bag or basket or bicycle bag with me, while shopping.
Why not change the mind set, so people specific would have to ask to the small plastic bags, if they need it !!! And perhaps even would have to pay for this small plastic bags as you have to do in the supermarket.

On my way home on my bicycle I passed a family in form of mother, father and two children. The children were having their bicycle helmets on, but the parents did NOT use bicycle helmets !!!! Is this to be a good role model for the children ? Do what I say, not as I do !!!!
PS: I always use my bicycle helmet, while cycling. You can buy a new helmet, but not a new head.

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