April 08, 2011

Kitchen equipment 4 - coffee grinder

Taking inspiration from Camilla Plum and her cooking series on Danish TV, I have decided to have my "own" coffee grinder for grinding spicies. I do NOT drink coffee at all, as I do not like the bitterness coming from coffee. So I will not use this coffee grinder for what it actual designed for !

Camilla Plum mentioned, that she has two grinders, one for "warm" spices and one for "cold" spices. At the time being this is too ambitious for me. My first ambition is just to start grinding whole spices instead of buying grounded spices. So fare I have used it for cardamon.

I was told, while buying the coffee grinder, that the manufacture would not provide any guarantee, if the coffee grinder was used for grinding spices. And a personal remark from the shop assistant: please do not try to grind nutmeg in the coffee grinder.

Hannibal the Cat is not a great fan of this coffee grinder. The noises coming from a working coffee grinder actual woke him from from his midday nap. And he went out looking at me in the kitchen with a disapproving look in his face.


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