April 17, 2011

Status on my kitchen garden 1

Today I have spend a lot time outside. Started this morning with a small morning row of 15 km on the fjord with some wind on the way back to the club house (as usual).

After lunch I used the good weather to read outside in my garden - licking some more sun shine :-)
The winter has been taking it token among my herbs. The chives is doing excellent, and the oregano is also started to grow again. But rosemary, apple mint, lemon thyme and lemon balm did not survive our second "hard" winter with snow and freezing temperatures. I am uncertain, if my garden mint will be the final victim among my herbs to the winter.

My raspberry bush is growing bigger and bigger, so I am hoping for more raspberries this year than the approx. 10 raspberries, which were the grant harvest last year.

My rhubarbs are doing fine as well, so I can start to think about, what I will use my first harvest of rhubarb for in the kitchen.  


  1. Hvor hyggeligt at se hvad der kommer op - og jeg kan se at du snart kan få rabarberkompot eller noget ;-)

    Jeg troede aldrig at jeg skulle sige at jeg mangler en have, men når jeg ser hvad andre gror i deres have, så bliver jeg lidt misundelig......jeg gider bare ikke at luge.

    Mange hilsner

  2. Yeah the spring is coming.......great pictures.


    restauranter København

  3. Hej Birthe !

    For mig er det ren afslapning at luge ukrudt, idet du kan se, hvordan arbejdet skrider fremad (ligesom med madlavning).
    Desuden er min have ikke større end, at 2-3 timers arbejde er nok til at komme hele haven igennem.
    Min strategi er dog at bruge 30 minutter dagligt, hvis jeg hjemme, hvorefter jeg stopper havearbejdet igen. Hermed er det afslapning og ikke arbejde for mig.

    Hej Monne !
    Yes, spring time is my favorite season, as you the return of colour with daily progess. everyday


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