April 27, 2011

Planting potatoes in pots

Yesterday was another big day in my kitchen garden. It was the day, when I planted my "many" potatoes !!!!!

My kitchen garden is actual quiet small. Mainly it consists of pots with various herbs, two apple trees, one fig tree, one raspberry bush and a selection of different rhubarbs.

However, two years ago I started to grow my own potatoes in pots as well. And I have four big pots (square metal containers) for this purpose).

Therefore my need for seed potatoes is quiet limited, so I "complained" about my need for 4 potatoes to my work colleagues. So now one of them is my "official" supplier of seed potatoes.

And he is taking his task as "supplier" very serious !!! So I am actual receiving a small collection of seed potatoes, two of each potato sort. This year I received the following potatoes:
  • Cerisa - early (the pot most away from you)
  • Ditta - early to medium (second pot)
  • Monaco - very early (third pot)
  • Sava (the pot closest to you)
Thank you much to my supplier of seed potatoes :-))) It is pleasure to be a customer of yours.

The apple tree getting the most sun shine in my garden is very close to start blooming. The other apple tree is only starting to have leafs on it.

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