April 28, 2011

Lunch at Börsenkeller, Flensburg

Today the yearly spring shopping tour to Flensburg together with a good friend took place. The shopping tour has to take place in end April/beginning May, as the "main reason" for going to Flensborg is buy German white asparagus !!! However, we also combine the shopping of asparagus with shopping of cat food, wine, beer, soft drinks, hair shampoo and German yogurt.

In order to be kind to our bodies, we took the decision to park below the supermarket down-town Flensburg, so we could roll the supermarket trolley full of yogurt, German ham, white asparagus from the supermarket directly down to the car = GOOD DECISION :-))

However, we always combine this shopping tour with having lunch at our "usual" place, which is Börsenkeller located at Nordermarkt in Flensburg city center. Here the menu card always contain a daily season menu, which follows the season closely. Today we decided to taste white asparagus with potatoes, land ham and hollandaise sauce, uuuuhmmmmm !!!! It just tasted GREAT

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