April 21, 2011

Spring dinner with focus on asparagus

I started my Easter vacation with a spring dinner for two friends yesterday evening with focus on asparagus. You could easily claim, that the menu for this spring dinner was highly targeted the female taste preference with less focus on "male meat" food !!!!

In Denmark it is very easy to buy fresh green asparagus, whereas fresh white asparagus is more tricky to find in the supermarkets. So next week, when I have extended Easter vacation, I will go shopping in Flensburg, where it is more easy to buy fresh white asparagus. So the asparagus used in this theme menu were green.

As starter I served blinis (home-made) with dressing with horse radise and chives dressing topped with lump fish roe.

I still have some lump fish roe left for a small treat of blinis this evening:-)
 As a second starter I served green asparagus gratinated with a mix of Parmesan and Emmentaler cheese.

For the main course I served a salad of baby leafs, roasted pine kernels, raw green asparagus and strawberries. As dressing of pomegranate balsamico and cold pressed rasp oil Salad with asparagus and strawberry
 The main course was a chili pie with spring onions, scrimps, some more green asparagus and Emmentaler cheese.

As the sweet closure to the spring dinner I had made a brownie from milk chocolate, butter and  pistachio nuts.
Luckily, the starters and main course had filled up my two dinner guests, so I lot of this brownie left for Easter, uuuhmmmm !!!!
Brownie with pistachios

I will shared these recipes with you at a later stage.

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