December 19, 2010

Preparing for gløgg evening tomorrow

Tomorrow evening I will be hosting a gløgg evening for some good girl friends from my local town. So this afternoon I have been busy preparing the gløgg extract as well as some Christmas candy in form of soft nougat.

Instead of the usual gløgg based on red wine, I will serving a gløgg based on white wine, which I find to be more refreshing, even when is cool down.

I have been using a selection of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamon etc. Put the spices into tea bags, which is added into the non-alcoholic part of the gløgg. The non-alcoholic part is one part of elderflower cordial and one part of apple juice. The spices should be in the liquid night over. I will post the exact recipe in the coming week.

Meanwhile I will share the recipe on soft nougat (Nougat konfekt):

  • 100 g soft nougat
  • 50 g dark chocolate
  • 50 g hazelnuts
  • 40 g orange peel

Nougat and dark chocolate is melted in the microwave oven in a Tupperware Microplus pot. Apply 800 W - start with 40 seconds, take the pot out, stir the content together - give it another 20 seconds, stir the content together - give it more time in the microwave oven, until it is melt. Give it less and less in the microwave oven, as you do not want the chocolate to be burned.

Grind the orange peel and the hazelnuts together in a mini blender. The hazelnuts should be fine chopped.

Add the orange peel and hazelnuts together with the melted nougat. Mix it well together.

Afterwards pour this mass into a silicone form. Place the silicone form in the refrigerator and let is cool. When the nougat is firm again, the soft nougat can be removed from the form. Store the nougat candy cold, until you will eat it.



  1. Hello, nice blog. just curious about your glogg extract. You mentioned that you would post the recipe later on but I can't find it. I know it is a while back, but do you mind sharing?

    1. Hi,
      thank you for your nice comment :-) The glögg extract recipe from 2010 can be found here:


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