December 18, 2010

Almond orange cake

This afternoon and evening I have been working on creating, making and baking this almond orange, which recipe I have got from the magazine Alt for Damerne. The creator of this recipe is Mai Knauer - Sweet Nothing, and you have give it a try your self: Almond orange cake recipe by Mai Knauer

Meanwhile, you have look at these pictures from my baking process. Unfortunately I am not able to share the lovely smell of oranges and mint. The smell is just gorgeous.

I will be serving this cake for my guest coming Monday evening for gløgg.

During the cooking time of two hours for the two organic oranges, I noticed that the colour of the water changed from clear to light orange. And the smell of orange was surrounding me in the kitchen. From time to time I add extra water in the cooking pot, as the water was evaporating.

Almonds without skin- removal of skin is time consuming

Almonds ready for grinding in my Tupperware grinder/mill
Almond flour

Cutting the oranges is like cutting warm butter
Dried apricot, being organic also means no clear orange colour

Mint - I love the smell and taste of mint. It reminds me about summertime
Orange, apricot and mint in the blender - just before I turn it on
Blended orange mix with a lovely smell, uhm
Egg and sugar before some serious beating
After beating
Almond orange ready to be baked
Almond orange cake after baking

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