September 09, 2011

Cherry Cola Cocktail

I wish you a nice week-end :-) And in this connection I would like to share the drink recipe with you.

One of my rowing friends served this drink some years ago. It has a refreshing taste with a pleasant sweetness, making it excellent to drink on a warm summer day.

I could not believe it, when I was told, which ingredients were used to make the drink. It is a equal mix between cola and cherry wine (liqueur) with some garnish in form of lemon and ice. Cherry wine reminds me about very old ladies having purple hair. It is NOT trendy AT ALL to drink cherry wine !!!! Actual cherry wine cost less for one bottle (0.75 l) than 1½ l of cola !!!!

Be brave and try this drink :-) Have a good week-end

Cherry Cola Cocktail: - serves one
  • 1 part cola - with or without sugar
  • 1 part cherry wine
  • 1-2 slices of lemon
  • ice cubes
  • straw
  • highball glass
  1. Use refrigerator cold cola and cherry.
  2. Add ice cubes and slices of lemon into the high-ball glass
  3. Fill half of the highball glass with cherry wine
  4. Fill the rest of the highball glass with cola
  5. Add a straw
  6. Enjoy :-)


  1. Den lo jeg lidt af, men så tænkte jeg hvorfor ikke og smækkede den sammen. Smager sgu ok!

  2. Hej Andrea !

    Tak for din kommentar. Det er dejligt at høre, at drinken smagte lige så god for dig, som da jeg smagte den for første gang.

    Mange hilsner Kirsten


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