September 08, 2011

Apple Aquavit

I have found a small recipe collection in a local supermarket with various suggestion for home-made flavoured aquavit. As the apple season is booming at the time, I decided to try one of the recipes on apple flavoured aquavit.You can either use crab apple or ordinary apples. As I have no access to crab apples, I decided to use small apples instead of.

Actual I contacted a good friend in a neighbour city, who has a lot of apple trees, which she could provided me with these small apples. And I received this reply in form of a picture of a shoe in size 36.

I am starting to have a smaller collection of various fruit alcoholcs using the fruit of the actual on-going season. Previously this Summer I have making blackcurrant rum and raspberry vodka. So some friends and I have discussing the options of having a sensory evaluation of all these fruit alcohols. It could be a funny event in many different way, so I am not planning to be driving home afterwards !!!!

Apple Aquavit:

  • 70 cl Brøndums Snaps Klar
  • Small apples
  • 1 whole cinnamon stick
  1. Fill a 1 l glass with boiling water as a starting point
  2. Wash the apples.
  3. Empty the glass for boiling water.
  4. Fill half of the glass with the small apples.
  5. Add the cinnamon stick
  6. Fill up the glass with Brøndums Snaps Klar
  7. Let the Apple Aquavit stand for 2-3 months.
  8. Remove the apples and cinnamon. Let the aquavit pass through a coffee filter.
  9. Enjoy the Apple Aquavit together with dessert.

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