September 09, 2011

Your help is needed again !

Can you believe it - I forgot to celebrate Hannibal turning 3 years Wednesday this week !!!!

Perhaps I should make a delayed birthday party for him, as I believe, he will not know the date of his actual birthday ? What do you think ?

Any way I need your help again to make the decision about, which cake I should bring with me on a picnic row taking place next week. This time is has been more difficult to find the recipes for voting, as I have to avoid the use of milk due to a lactose-intolerant rower.

However, here is the cake candidates, which you can choose from:
  • Carrot muffin
  • Chocolate muffin
  • Brownie with berries
So please help me making this decision by participating in the on-going vote on my blog. And this voting is ending the same day as Denmark has to vote about the composition of a new parliament. So 15 September is a day with two interesting voting taking place.

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