September 26, 2011

Product test 3 - cream puffs from Frelsens Chokolade

I am not a big cream puff fan, but sometimes the cream puffs in the Frelsens Chokolade just looks to interesting to pass by without stepping inside to buy some. And as I eat my way through the cream puffs I most times gets disappointed as the taste is either too sweet or too bitter for me.

This time is was the cream puff commercial about a summer cream puff, which lured me into Frelsens Chokolade. I broth a collection of 6 cream puffs, two of each flavour combination:

  • white cream puff - white chocolate with raspberry filling and raspberry topping
  • dark brown cream puff - dark chocolate with liquorice filling with liquorice topping
  • light brown cream puff - milk chocolate with plain filling
I really dislike dark chocolate due to the bitterness in this type of chocolate, so a normal cream puff with dark chocolate is not my favourite, so therefore I wanted to try cream puff with a milk chocolate coating. And this was neither a favourite of mine, as the sweetness in the milk chocolate and the sweetness in the plain cream puff filling was just TOO SWEET for me, and I normally has a "sweet tooth" as we say here in Denmark.

The dark chocolate cream puff with a liquorice filling was more interesting. It was still not perfect in my opinion, as I want liquorice food to actually taste of liquorice. And here in the cream puff filling needs more liquorice taste, if it wants to please my taste buds.

I found the summer cream puff to be the best cream puff of these three cream puffs. The cream puff filling had a good taste balance between sweetness and freshness, so the raspberry filling was tasting of real raspberries. And the combination with white chocolate did not turn to sweet due to the freshness of the cream puff filling.

But the summer cream puff did not managed to turn me without a cream puff fan yet.

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