September 14, 2011

Status on Apple Aquavit

It is amazing to see the colour difference taking place in the Apple Aquavit, which I started last week, so within a time frame of 1 week.

At the very beginning the cinnamon stick was looking normal, however one day into the process, the cinnamon stick was completely un-folded like a piece of paper.
Also the apples have turned transparant. And the actual colour is looking like caramel. I assume this colour is coming from cinnamon stick, without being 100% sure about this.

A work colleague of mine is having some crab apples on his farmstead, which I have been promished to receive some apples of. And I am planning to make a version using crab apples as well, so I can taste the difference between these two types of apple aquavit.

Looking at the on-going cake election, it seams like the brownie is going to be the winner. If you find, that either the carrot muffin or the chocolate muffin should be winner instead of, please take the opportunity to vote on one of these muffins. And if you believe the brownie should be the winner, keep voting on the muffin.

The cake election is closing Thursday 15 September, the same day as the election to the Danish parliment will taking place. So two very interesting votes !!!

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