September 15, 2011

Brødstænger - bread sticks

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 12 accomplished = 61 recipes to bake

After the summer period, where I have not been baking any buns at all, I have started again to bake my way through the bread book "Hjemmebagt".

I decided to make an easy start making bread sticks for the annual barbecue garden event. At least I thought, it was an easy task !!!!

It was easy enough to make the actual dough, but afterwards the rest of dough forming process was one big STICKY MESS !!!!!
I was rolling the dough on baking paper followed by the spreading pesto on top of the dough. Afterwards you should fold the dough in over the pesto, and here the dough was sticking like glue to the baking paper. The next step was to cut the dough into thin sticks, which when should be twisted. And here the stickiness was continuing !!!!

So I decided to send an e-mail to the author of "Hjemmebagt", if she could share a trick or two with me. And I have received the following answer from her:
"The trick is FLOUR - plenty of flour. The flour should be on the kitchen table, NOT in the dough. In UK the bakers are referring to make a bed of flour, which the dough is resting, while you are working with it. With such a bed of flour, the dough should not stick to the kitchen table. I hope this trick will work for you as well".

I hope this trick will work for me, so I will be testing this recipe again and let you the outcome of this trick.

However, these bread stick taste wonderful. But you should really eat these bread stick the same day. We could not eat all these bread sticks, so I save the left-overs for next day, in a closed container. And the day after the bread stick was quiet tough to chew.

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