September 23, 2011

Product test 2 - cup cakes from Kvickly

Cup cake, cup cake and yet some more cup cakes !!!! Even in Vejle the trend of cup cakes has arrived at the bakers as well as in super markets bakery department. So I bravely enough decided to try some of these cup cakes sold by Kvickly.

The blue topping is a blueberry cup cake, the orange topping is a carrot cup cake and the white topping with the red spots is a raspberry cup cake.

My overall impression is, that these cup cakes are too industrialised in taste and texture. They taste OK, but they are not fantastic in any way at all.

Anyway I have no made up my opinion about cup cakes in general. I believe, that I need to both bake/create my own cup cakes as well as try some from a more artisan cup cake producer. Can you recommend any cup cake recipe and/or cup cake shop ? If yes, please feel free to leave a comment or mail me :-)

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