September 11, 2011

Lønnestæde's Plums in Spiced Red Wine - year 2011

Yes, I am continuing with some more plum recipes from my kitchen, so we all can do our best to use this wonderful fruit.

This time it is a dessert recipe, which you can store for later use in Autumn or Winter. And I am using smaller plums with a more firm texture.

 Lønnestæde's Plum in Spiced Red Wine:
  • 750 plums - without stone
  • 500 g red wine
  • 250 g sugar
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • 2 bay leafs
  • 5 cloves
  • 10 black pepper corn
  1. Add boiling water to the storage glass.
  2. Wash the plums and remove the stone. Cut the plum into 2 pieces.
  3. Cook up the red wine with sugar and all the different spices.
  4. Add the plums into the red wine, and let the plums cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Empty the glass for the hot water.
  6. Add the plums into the storage glass.
  7. Reduce the red wine syrup into half the amount.
  8. Fill the red wine syrup into the storage glass with the plums.
  9. Let the plums mature for minimum 2 weeks, before using them for dessert.
  10. Serve the plums together with whipped cream or ice cream.

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