September 26, 2011

New mile stone - 10.000 page views

Hannibal taking a nap after a good night and day spend outside in the good weather. Perhaps he is dreaming about some freshly hunted "mouse sushi" found in the forest or in the green field.

Another miles stone for my blog in form of 10.000 page views. Today (26 September 2011) my blog has been having 10.000 page views, since the very first post 13 November 2010, so within a time frame of almost 10 months. Also this month of September is also going to be the most "busy" month so fare having the highest amount of visitors in-side my kitchen and kitchen garden.

So thank you very much for your many visits to my blog, where you take the time to read about all the various activities on-going both in-side my kitchen and out-side in my kitchen garden as well as what Hannibal the Cat is up to from time to time.

Also a big thank you for your participation in some of the on-going voting about, what kind of cake or muffins I should have been baking for some picnic rowing tours. My fellow rowers are really looking forward to eat and enjoy the outcome of your cake elections.

Since my last update on various mile stones I have been adding a recipe overview in order to make it more easy for both you as well as myself to locate recipes of interest for you.

Recently I have started to share my evaluatíon of some ready-to-eat or ready-to-use products. You should read the posts, as my personal subjective evaluation, which I would like to share with you.

An update on my KPIs for the blog looks like this (In my professional life colleagues and managers are discussing Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis):

Review day: 25 September 2011
Start day - first posting: 13 November 2010
Development on "Hjemmebagt": 73 recipes - 12 accomplished = 61 recipes to bake
Amount of cooking books in my kitchen: 52 books
Page views: 10.000
Publish posts: 240 excl. this
Followers: 5
Blogs followed: 17
Top 5 of published posts:

  1. TUC cake
  2. New mile stone 200 blog postings
  3. Fantastic fast-food meal at Beta
  4. Blooming apple tree
  5. Ice cream for lunch

Page view per country:
  • Norway: 1%
  • Moldova: 1%
  • Netherlands: 1%
  • India: 1%
  • Russia: 2%
  • UK: 2%
  • Germany: 2%
  • Portugal: 8%
  • US: 13%
  • Denmark: 69% 
Thank you for visiting me, Hannibal the Cat and my kitchen :-)) Hope to see you again in the near future :-))

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