September 05, 2011

Perfect evening with barbecue and tea lights in the garden

The annual barbecue and tea light garden event took placed this Saturday evening in PERFECT WEATHER. This year we had to find a day in September, before the majority of us had room in our calendars to meet up in person !!! Last year we had the barbecue event in July, where we only managed to eat the starter out-side, before rain forced us to escape in-side with food, drinks and the plates to squeezed 6 people around a table sitting 4 people !!!

Hannibal the Cat decided to try out a chair to check, if the cuchin was soft enough for the guest to sit on !!! He is a very considerating cat.

The principal of participating in the annual barbecue garden event is, that each participant has the responsibility for bringing one dish, which either is a starter, meat main course or vegetable main course. My responsibility is to take care of the grill, tea light for the garden, the drinks and the dessert.

In my opinion is a great way to entertain guests, as I can relax without cleaning the entire house before opening up the door for the guests and making three courses of food.

As starter my cousin was bringing a sushi collection, which she had found having a big discount. Great taste. However, 3 people to share this as a starter was really filling us up. We could easily have been 4-6 people sharing this sushi portion as a starter.
As "bread" for the appetizer as well as the main course I had baked these bread sticks using a recipe from my bread book "Hjemmebagt" I will share my feed-back on this recipe later on. The important thing is, that they taste great.

As main course my cousin had made beef rolls with various herbs. While, these rolls were on the grill, we made a common toast with a forth friend sitting in Italy. We were missing you, hopefully you will join us next year !!!

As the vegetable part  for the beef rolls we could choose between two different salads or enjoy both. The salad to the right was made of tomatoes, feta, dressing of oil and vinegar and plenty of garlics, so any vampires in surroundings would have avioded  us !!! The salad to the left side was made of cous cous, fried walnuts, mushrooms, fried egg plants and parsley. Both salads were delicious :-)
The finish beef rolls. They were tasting great :-)
The dessert was a refreshing version being a combination of pine apple, plums, rosemary and rum. I will share some details about this dessert later on this week. This is the un-prepared version.
The prepared version of the dessert.
As the dark was settling around us, it was time for me to light all the tea lights located at various placed in my little "park". The good thing about having the barbecue in September is, that we have more time to enjoy all these tea lights, as the sun is away around 20.30-20.45 at this time of the year.

Finally we enjoyed a cup of tea and coffee sitting around the fire place draped in some plaids.

Thank you to my good friends, who participated in the annual barbecue garden event. I really enjoy your company as well as your great food. After a fast evaluation I have decided to invite you again next year :-) Hopefully you feel the same !!!

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