September 27, 2011

A suitcase full of tulip bulbs

Last week I participated in a conference in Holland. And what kind of souvenirs could you bring home from Holland ? Cheese ? Yes, this is an options, but my refrigerator is already full of cheese from this cheese basket.

Tulip bulbs is definitely another option as a souvenir ! So my colleague and I decided to find a place, where we could buy different tulip bulbs, as we both are having gardens. One of the conference participants offered to drive us to a garden center, when she heard about our shopping plans.

So I returned from Holland with a suitcase filled up with various tulip bulbs. I have found these different bulbs:
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Orangie
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Trepolo
  • 5 Narcissus Butterfly Printal
  • 5 Narcissus Trumpet Mount Hood
  • 5 Narcissus Double Replete
  • 5 Narcissus Tazetta Paper White
  • 5 Ornithogalum Magnum
  • 10 Botanical Tulips Saxatilis
  • 10 Botanical Humulis Alba Coeulea Oculata
  • 200 Botanical Crocus - various colours
  • 25 Virirdiflora Tulips
  • 60 Double Tulips Angelique
I will using these bulbs to fill up my garden lawn with another 200 crocus, which is a supplement to the 300 crocus bulbs already laying in my lawn.

The different types of Narcissus I will use to expand my Easter bed in my garden.

And all the different tulips I will use as replacement for the tulips, which did not blum this spring time.

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