February 15, 2011

Home-made vanilla sugar

What do you use your empty vanilla pod for ?

I either add the empty vanilla pod together with the vanilla corns into the food, which are heated afterwards and try to remember to remove the vanilla pod after cooking. This is increasing the vanilla taste.

Or I "save" the empty vanilla pods, until I need a new portion of home-made vanilla sugar. I simply add my "collection" of empty vanilla pods into a glass jar, which I afterwards fill with cane sugar. I use cane sugar due to the colour, which I find more nice compared to the plain white sugar produced from sugar beet.

When I try to be patient for approx. one month, before the vanilla sugar is ready for use. The vanilla "strength" of this vanilla sugar is lower compared to the commercial vanilla sugar, which you will buy in the Danish supermarkets. As a general rule of thumb, I need to use 2-3 times more of my home-made vanilla compared with the commercial vanilla sugar.

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