February 08, 2011

Muesli shopping in UK February 2011

Even for a one-day business trip - out early morning and return in the evening with flight - it can be necessary to bring a suitcase !!! I had the "pleasure" yesterday of a windy/stormy flight between Billund and Manchester. And here I needed my big suitcase. Since I have been living in UK, I have not been able to eat any other muesli than Alpen No Sugar Added muesli (the blue version) for my breakfast. And this specific muesli is impossible to buy anywhere in Denmark.

So after the customer meeting I emptied the local supermarket for all their Alpen muesli, they "only" had 7 bags of my preferred 1.3 kg bag size.

Beside from buying muesli I also found some tea incl. pukka tea, which is else than ½ price compared to Denmark. On top of inside detox I also brought some Sanctuary Spa perfect skin product for some outside detox.

And finally I "helped" the British Airways lounge with removing some small chips bags of the Kettle Chips in my favourite taste - sea salt and balsamic vinegar. This bag size fit perfect into my travel bagpack.

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