April 16, 2011

Extended week-end to Switzerland

Last week-end was an extended week-end for me, as I took the train from Vejle to Bern in Switzerland to visit a good friend working there. I had packed my suitcase with a few gifts for her in form of gin, a collection of Easter egg from Summerbird, pork meat (rullepølse), a cooking book by Camilla Plum and cheese cutter.

My friend was away from home with her work, when I arrived. However, the bed in the guest bed was decorated with various Easter eggs as a warm welcome.
During my stay in Switzerland I made a trip to Bern, where I enjoyed the wonderful spring weather walking around in the old part of the town center.
I found a small bistro, where I was served a quiche Lorraine with salad with a glass of white wine for my lunch.
While I has waiting for the lunch I wrote post cards for my post cards friends. Actual the post cards in Denmark, before I returned back home. It is normal the opposite way.
During the afternoon I tried to locate a good tea room, which I thought would be an easy task in the German speaking part of Switzerland. I found a tea room, which was OK, but not excellent. Afterwards I found another tea room, which looked better. So I think I will try this next time.

Saturday my friend and I took the train to small village, where we had  lunch, home-made pork sausages with potato rosti. Simple and very tasty food.
Afterwards we walked back on walking path with a fantastic view to the Alps, small villages and cows with ringing cow bells on.

Monday morning I took the train back to Denmark. I decided to buy some macaroons and a salad on the train station in Basel. I enjoyed a small selection of macaroons for my morning tea, while I passed the Rhineland in full spring outfit in the German speed train.
And for lunch after we had passed Frankfurt am Main I enjoyed a salad with very small mozzarella cheese balls, sun flower kernels and tomato.
Home again with my suitcase I unpacked various chocolate products from Cailler. I now have some milk and dark chocolate for cooking purpose as well as cocoa powder without sugar for coming use in my kitchen.
However, just for plain eating I also have milk chocolate with nougat croquant and milk chocolate with caramel and salt.

And for the coming Easter I received a small collection of different Easter chocolate from my friend. And my friend had also brought an Easter egg for Hannibal the Cat :-))

I had a great week-end in Switzerland with good food, wine and chocolate, lovely surroundings and great company. So I will be back again in connection with my summer vacation.

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