April 26, 2011

Home-made yogurt

I have been serving home-made yogurt for my Easter guests. And now I am eating the remaining cup of yogurt for breakfast this morning :-) This yogurt just taste great compared to the typical yogurt, which you can buy in Denmark. I REALLY DISLIKE the taste of Danish yogurt, as it is too acidic for me. And the other thing about Danish yogurt is, that the fruit combinations are TOO BORING. This is the reason why, I always bring yogurt back me from my trips to either Germany or France, filling up the car or suitcase with yogurt.

However, at work we have some kitchen machines designed for making yogurt at home. So I took one of these machines (yogurta from Moulinex) with me home for my Easter vacation. I also managed to get hold of freeze-dried concentrated yogurt bacteria culture, which is needed for the yogurt fermentation.

The yogurta consist of 7 glasses with lid (= 1 liter of milk) and the heating "box" with timer.
I started by adding boiling water to all the yogurt glasses as well as the liter measuring glass in order to "kill" all the unwanted micro organisms. As I like yogurt with a higher fat content compared to yogurt with 0% fat, I used a mixed of plain whole milk with 3.5% fat with coffee cream with 9% fat in a ratio of 10% cream and 90% whole milk.
As I am not a big fan of cream layer on top of my dairy products, I used homogenised whole milk and coffee cream. If you have a preference for cream layer, you should use non-homogenised milk and cream instead of.
I added the freeze-dried yogurt bacteria culture into the milk base, as I added the milk into the cream in the liter measuring glass. And afterwards I stirred around for a little time.
Instead of using freeze-dried yogurt bacteria culture you can also use a fresh plain yogurt from the supermarket. Here the ratio should be 4% yogurt to 96% milk or 40 g yogurt + 960 g milk
I when poured the milk into the 7 yogurt glasses and closed the glass with the plastic lid. When I placed the yogurt glasses in-side the yogurt machine, turned the timer for 9 hours and started the machine.
After the 9 hours I removed the yogurt glasses from the machine and placed them in the refrigerator to cold the yogurt down before eating it.

The structure of the yogurt is like a weak set yogurt and the mouth feel is quiet light. So you either eat the yogurt like it is as plain yogurt.
Or you add some fruit on top of the yogurt like this home-made apple jam  Lønnestrædes apple jam
Or you mix in one-two teaspoons Home-made vanilla sugar


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