February 28, 2013

Brødkranse med rugknæk - bread wreath with rye kniks

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 24 accomplished = 49 recipes to bake

After a break of a few weeks I have been baking again, making new advance through the bread book "Hjemmebagt". And I am getting closer and closer to have made 1/3 of all the recipes :-)  And in the coming two weeks I will be baking some more breads from this wonderful bread book, as I am having some guest coming around for dinner entertainment.

From the beginning I decided to change the shape of the bread from wreath-shape into a combination of buns and a single bread, which would be fitting better with my upcoming bread demand.

The bread is made up from rye flour, wheat flour, rye kinks, water, olive oil, salt, beer and off cause yeast. You beging by boiling the rye kinks in the water for a few minutes and them let cool down, before you start to knead the rest of the ingredients together.

The use of beer is giving a nice taste to the bread, and the rye kinks can not be felt as hard particles, but they are giving a good mouthfeel to the final bread.

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