February 16, 2013

Evening buffet at Cafe Bech, Trapholt Museum

Wednesday after work a good girl friend and I went to Trapholt Museum located in Kolding. This museum is having late open Wednesday evening combined with free entrance after 17.00. Right here and now there is a special exhibition called En dronning og hendes familie (A queen and her family) covering  various portraits of the Danish queen and the rest of the royal family, which we wanted to see before it is closing 24 February 2013. This special exhibition is actually quiet good, so if you are in the neighbourhood I would recommend you to go there.

Anyway we decided to eat our evening meal at Cafe Beck at the museum, where an evening buffet is served every Wednesday evening. There was many different both cold and warm dished incl some great bread, apple cake made from apple pure with whipped cream on the top, cheese selection etc. So we were both full after having a broad selection of the dishes. The price for the evening buffet is 185 DKK/person, which a  medium price level.

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